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What is the best decoration method?

Good question and there is no definitive answer! We only use the highest quality professional methods and choice depends on a number of factors. Design, size & complexity,  timeframe, unit cost, quantity required, placement of design, garment material, these are all taken into consideration. Each method has it's strengths. Here are a few basics though. Durability? That's our professional grade Embroidery, it always looks great too. Smaller orders? Our coloured or custom print superflex style cut films offer excellent value and durability. Volume order & unit cost? We could select screen printing which is the most durable direct application print method bar none. Complex designs? We may use the latest technique called DTF (Being Specialists we were early adopters) or if the items are high cotton content or more fashionwear than function then we may opt for DTG, for durability we use an industrial grade DTG printer with built in automated pre-treatment system (for superior results over small external pretreat DTG systems). Lastly we could use our special Infusion print processes for those looking for breathability in light coloured wicking sportswear. Bored already? We don't blame you but as your local garment decorating specialist we enthuse about all this and will help pick the best method for your requirement so you get the most suitable option to meet your needs and not bogged down in what process is used.

What File Formats are Required?

Ideally we suggest using Vector formats like .EPS .Ai (sometimes .PDF) which your designer or Artwork Department will supply, they offer the highest quality, are scalable and suitable for use with all types of print and decorating. The first two formats need vector viewing software to see them. Other formats like jpeg, gif, bmp, tif are okay for embroidery, DTG, DTF and infusion although 300dpi minimum resolution at size is strongly advised. Whatever you have though just sent it in and if there are issues with your artwork we can offer In-House solutions. Want to know more? Google is your friend, here are a couple links HERE and HERE  

is there a minimum or maximum order?

No there is not a minimum order and no maximum either. Just let us know what your requirements are and we can advise you on your options. We regularly supply one offs to batches of several hundred on a daily basis so whatever you need, just ask Wizzprint.


We just need to know what you want, so if it is workwear then the sizes, colours and quantities required together with your artwork/logo files to produce a quote or invoice/order confirmation. To accept and proceed with your order simply confirm it as correct by email then make payment to details at the bottom of the invoice. Our terms and conditions are listed on the website and if you have any questions just ask us beforehand. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Do I get a mock up?

Yes. When we know what you are having and you have placed your order, we then create mock ups with your design/s or logo/s and email it to you for your approval.

im in a rush, How long will it take?

We quote 5-10 working days following payment and proof approval but can do some things the next day even same day, it all depends what is in stock or what you need doing really. For workwear, after ordering your items in they take a day or so to arrive from our suppliers, meantime we work on your designs and create mock ups. Once your items are here and you have approved the mock ups your orders go into our production schedule. We are always busy but can usually squeeze the odd thing in, so if you have an urgent requirement or rush order just discuss it with us to see what we can do to help you. Custom orders are subject to stock availability.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, you can add items which may be treated as a separate order or if you have not approved a design/mock up then changes can be made before your approval is given. You can contact us to cancel before your stock is ordered, if stock is on order then a supplier restocking fee of up to 50% may apply and supplier returns postage is £9+vat. Where any work has been undertaken or started then a cost would obviously apply. Once items have been decorated the only changes possible are to add more decoration, depending on the method used.

What makes you the one to use?

By playing to our strengths and focusing purely on what we do best, Wizzprint have become a popular and trusted specialist. Innovative & experienced with a friendly approach and a relentless attention to detail, our aim is to deliver you great results every time, time after time, quickly and professionally and at a great price. We've been published in few places related to the trade we are in so if you want to read up it's HERE and also HERE although we have since progressed further, replacing equipment and increased our capacity 3 fold since.

where can i find out more about you?

We are known in the Industry for what we do and have been published in articles you can read HERE for our Embroidery and HERE for our Print

Can you print or embroider any design?

Well yes but sometimes no. Whilst copying and emulating is a form of flattery (and we are often flattered!), the main factor in design is copyright ownership so you need permission from the artwork owner if you want to reuse it. By supplying us any artwork you are confirming it is is yours to use, and/or free from copyright infringement or you have permission to use it and that you accept full responsibility in the event of any copyright infringement and will fully indemnify us. We anticipate you have permission when it is your business logo but if you wanted to use a Disney character for example or copy another brands tag line or use their name then that may not be possible. We can however help and design you something unique and original though with our in house design service, just ask for details and get something bespoke to you instead. For more information about copyright just follow this link

can I collect?

Yes you can, we let you know when your items are ready to collect. We even offer out of hours collections to customers who can't make it during the working day! We are super flexible and always try to accommodate your needs. 

Do you deliver?

Yes no problem, we have customers across the UK via a courier service at cost and we have a drop off service locally during the working week although many local customers prefer to collect at their own convenience for maximum flexibility.

How do I care for my branded workwear?

All items have wash instructions and for embroidered only items simply follow them. Up to 30 degrees is the recommended temperature. With any printed versions (not just ours) we recommend turning them inside out beforehand and not using conditioner. Do not iron directly over the decorated area and if tumble drying use low heat settings. Line or air drying will extend the life of any clothing so it is advisable. The best news about washing them though is that you can claim it against your income tax! Read here

Do you offer matching business cards, fliers, brochures, stickers and sign boards?

Absolutely yes we do. We offer a wide range of superb quality great value options to choose from and by getting them from the same suppler as your workwear, your branding consistency is assured to be the best. Many of our customers use us for all these things for that reason. As an example, check out our business card page HERE   

Do you make Leavers Hoodies?

Yes, certainly do! We offer higher quality & thicker than most for the same if not lower cost as these are special items for children so we decided that only the best will do! We have a host of things to help make the process as easy and straight forward as possible for you too! So just get in touch, you won't be disappointed!

Do you have a catalogue?

Yes we do, please click on this link for a browse HERE 

WIll you price match?

We will look at any like for like quotations if you can forward them to us in full. Price is an important factor, so is quality which is core to getting value for money and probably the real goal. You need good levels of service, consistent product quality, professional support, sampling options and timely delivery. If you are local it also looks good for you being seen using a specialist company within your own community. We often supply customers who have been disappointed elsewhere for various reasons. Often our prices are lower but it is our quality and service level consistency which make people the happiest and that is priceless.