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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Agreement
These Terms and Conditions of Business constitute a legally binding agreement between us. You should review these Terms and Conditions before processing an order or accepting a quotation. Order placement will be considered your acceptance. We have the right to modify our Terms and Conditions so please review them periodically.


All prices are usually quoted and invoiced in pounds sterling (£) and ex VAT unless specified. Prices may be subject to change without notice, we will always endeavour to inform you of price changes prior to processing your order if you have ordered before but please check your invoice which is also your order confirmation. Pricing seen or offered may differ if your order requires express delivery or is bespoke in any other way than agreed. This is because delivery issues may cause an increase in price or because something has changed outside our control or agreement.

All delivery is charged to a UK address or an estimated international delivery charge. If you have requested delivery outside of the UK or if your postcode is outside standard delivery zones, please note you may have to pay extra delivery at a later stage when we know the total cost of delivery. This extra charge may be added after your initial payment, due to change in weight of delivery for example. Any country related duty payable will be your responsibility.

If after payment a pricing error or anomaly is made apparent or the supplier increase the price unexpectedly before we process your order we maintain the right to cancel any order. If this situation occurs you will be contacted and informed of any alternative options available including an increased price option.

Payment terms

We accept payment by Bank Transfer (BACS) to minimise transaction costs and we may offer online payment options where this is not possible. We can offer Credit Accounts only in certain circumstances and usually only available to regular, repeat purchase customers and are not offered to adhoc orders. To discuss Credit Accounts contact us.

Orders may not be processed until payment has cleared, this may also at our discretion, be where a credit agreement is in place.

The invoice supplied is also your order confirmation therefore details contained on the invoice should be checked to ensure they are correct. After your payment has been received we will add your items to our stock order schedule and work to produce a visual proof in due course for you to check carefully and approve. Once your visual proof has been approved we will start processing the order. We try and accommodate further changes or early cancellations but cannot guarantee this. The visual proof is the final check in your order confirmation process so it is important that you review it carefully and properly. After your confirmation any further changes may not be possible.

Online & Offline ordering – products, sizes, colours, printing techniques and templates
Please note that we order blank clothing, garments and products from wholesaler distributors and customise these items with printing and embroidering. All sizes and colours shown online and in catalogues are not always under our control so we cannot be held accountable for colour variations from on screen colours to real product colours or manufacturers batch colour variations where colour shade varience may be present from one item to another. Nor can we be held responsible for sizing issues. You may order samples to check any size and colour details. We may be able to offer to provide returnable size samples after you have ordered and paid depending on their availability and your location which may require delivery costs if not local. All orders will be decorated with the process we deem suitable for your order. By accepting our terms and conditions, you understand, agree and accept any change we make in the fulfilment of your order, with no rights of refund unless a specific agreement is in place between us with regard to a particular process being specified, agreed upon and documented.

Proof Disclaimer
Please note our visual product mock up images are ‘template images’, meaning they may not reflect the actual product ordered and they are not to scale and do not represent a particular size of item. They are ways to check spellings and arrangements, approximate positionings and the basic colours. Ask if you are unsure of anything we provide as a proof to approve.

Visual Approvals
After payment we will create and send a visual Mock up via email. These are not to scale. We will make corrections free of charge. You are entitled to 2 change / revisions free of charge with your visual but further changes or additions may be charged up to £10 per revision if they are not corrections. If your changes are significant they may affect the cost of decoration in which case you will be advised of the options. Once you have approved the visual layout your decision is final. Cancellations are not usually accepted after this stage but we will always try to assist. You may however be subject to up to 25% cancellation fee and a stock return postage cost dependent of the volume of your order, only if the decoration process has not started. Once items are decorated no cancellation can take place. We will not usually proceed until you have approved the visual(s) or given us consent to do so. Where visuals have previously been supplied and this is a repeat order (or where you have supplied and requested your artwork is used and indicated the locations) we may not issue the visuals unless you have notified us of any changes since the previous order.

If you do not to approve your visual mock up in time any delay to your deadline or schedule is your responsibility and it may not be met, your cancellation rights are limited as we will have incurred time and charges up to this stage that may not be refundable. We will always do our best to but you accept 25% cancellation charges is the minimum likely amount if a refund is possible.

Artwork disclaimer
We will print/embroider the artwork you supply to us. When uploaded or emailing us any artwork you give us consent to print the artwork or designs. You confirm that the artwork is yours to use, and/or free from copyright infringement. You accept full responsibility in the event of any copyright infringement and will fully indemnify us. When emailing us or uploading artwork, upon payment you accept this artwork disclaimer completely.

We always aim to print to a suitable size and position of decoration and you accept we may vary this subject to our discretion. If we have a specific agreement about size and placement that will be followed as best we can.

COLOUR MATCHING: With Screen Printing we will follow Coated Pantone Colour References where provided and match them as closely as possible with exception of specialist inks (Puff, Reflective, Glow In Dark etc). All other printing/embroidery techniques will be the best colour match possible. Please note computer screen colours will differ from final print colours and we will not be held responsible for this normal colour variation. Photograph printing onto garments will appear different to a screen or monitor display of the photo, they may not be as sharp, detailed or clear as a screen and colours may vary from the original. 

You must state Pantone colour references if required with your quote requests or via email. We will follow them as closely as possible. Failure to do so will mean we will use our expertise to best match on colours.

If we notice that the artwork files you provide are not of a print ready standard we may try to recreate the artwork free of charge but if significant work is required there may be an additional cost which we will advise you on before commencing. Artwork files supplied that are not particularly high quality may still be printed but output may be of lower standard than that of our own artwork standards. In this case your order will not qualify for a reprint or refund if your artwork is the cause for any disappointment.

You accept full responsibility and confirm you have either provided files in a print ready format or discussed this with us prior to payment and are happy to pay for our artwork services to improve your artwork which will be listed on the invoice. You understand we will not be held responsible for sub-quality print finishes that are caused as a result of sub-quality and non-print ready artwork files supplied by you. If you have any doubt please get in touch and we will check your artwork and advise you accordingly.

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing and Direct to Film (DTF) : Variance and white underlay condition, DTG & DTF printing is dependent on ‘computer controlled output’.

Artwork files are checked for quality purposes, but ultimately a computer machine reads these colours and translates these colours into ink. DTG output like most print to different substrates is subject to variance. This means when printing the same design several times or on various items it may not appear as sharp on one garment as another.

Additionally, it may appear different on one garment to another garment due to colours and materials reacting differently to the inks or transfer materials. Sometimes, small speckles of white underlay can be seen on dark garments, this is most often due to sub-quality artwork which we do our best to avoid. You accept the above information and accept variance and white underlay condition. Any issues of this nature fall outside of our reprint and refund policy.

Our Copyright and ownerships

Where we supply mock ups and visuals these are for the purpose of your approval and not to be redistributed or used for any other purpose without first asking for our written consent to do so.

Any files created for or during the decoration process are owned by us and for our use only to create your items. If you purchase our artwork services and part of that agreement is that the artwork ownership passes to you in the form of file structures then we will supply your files in the format agreed at the time in writing. Where a setup fee is paid this is for the creation and testing time we allocate and not for ownership of any files created or used by us. 

We retain the right to photograph our work, we retain the right to use it for promotional purposes at our discretion. This includes images of work we do for clients unless there is a written agreement not to do so (for example within a trade decoration clause drawn up within a contract).

Application variances.

We try to replicate the application positioning on multiple items but a variation of position may occur. This maybe due to the manual placement of the decoration onto items, different item sizings which can range from sizes XXS to 5XL and/or garment size tolerance variations where during manufacture the producer allows a production size tolerance. This is accepted by you as part of our terms and conditions.

Dye-sublimation Printing
Due to the printing process for dye sublimation it is normal that the print leaves white/visible marks and imperfections where there are creases or folds in the garments. These marks are commonly found around the armpit area or at the seams and hems. Sometimes heatpress marks are present from the application processes. These issues fall outside of our reprint and refund policy.

Please be aware that a true black colour cannot be achieved with dye sublimation as the items can only absorb a certain amount of ink. Therefore, black can often not be as saturated as some other colours and may appear ‘off-black’.

Dye sublimation printing is primarily suited to all over randomly placed designs not position specific designs but please contact us if you have any doubts. This means attempting to match up round to round hem to hem patterns may not be achievable on your orders. These issues fall outside of our reprint and refund policy.


Cancellations may be subject to a minimum 25%. Where stock is ordered in a 50% supplier restocking cost usually applies + £9+vat supplier returns charge where we have already ordered stock in, prepared artwork or re-organised production of other jobs, subject to how far things have progressed. Artwork time if already completed at cancellation time will be due.

When paying for any order you accept these terms and conditions in full. (We will always do our best to minimise or avoid such charges).

Complaints procedures
We take complaints very seriously and would be unhappy if you were not entirely satisfied with our services. If you wish to make a complaint or request a reprint or refund, please complete the contact us form or email immediately and provide us with your order reference number, email address and the reason for your complaint. You must also attach photos to help us further understand your complaint so we’re then able to take the necessary actions.

Printing/Embroidery issues must be notified within 48 hours of receiving the goods. We may offer a reprint or replacement only at our discretion.

Print/Embroidery only service – where you supply us with the garments
We offer a print/embroidery only service. You may choose to have a sample done to check print or application processes are suitable for the garment and we will quote you for this on an individual basis. When you use this service you understand that you’re supplying the garments to us at your own risk. If they are lost in transit we will not be held responsible. Where there are problems, print, embroidery or damage to the garments during the printing or the processes used we will not be held responsible for any of the cost of the garments / products. We will not offer replacement, reprint, compensation, refunds or deductions should anything occur to the items supplied in these instances. We offer no warranty on customer supplied items as they may have coatings, chemical treatments or other aspects during manufacture which are unknown to us. You accept there maybe a variance in print or application positioning between garments, particularly where different sizes are supplied.

In addition, with print/embroidery only orders

When you are supplying the goods for customisation, the stated deadline is our target deadline, we cannot guarantee this. Sometimes unknown factors can complicate an order meaning we may have to cancel and refund. We will always do our best to meet your deadlines and complete your orders to our best ability but in the case of print/embroidery only orders you understand that the order may be cancelled or deadlines exceeded.

Express orders
For express order where delivery is required within 5 days we will do our best to meet agreed deadlines but sometimes factors beyond our control impact on our ability to fulfil orders. Stock levels, wholesaler mistakes and delivery problems can arise. We will always try to find the time to get approval from our clients for suggested changes but as you will be aware this is not always possible and we reserve the right to substitute with similar items. When entering into an express order you accept these conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Deliveries during busy periods of adverse weather conditions
At periods of high demand or during adverse weather conditions delivery deadlines may be missed or delayed. We will organise and deliver or have ready for collection your goods in accordance with your delivery deadline. Where items will be despatched using a 3rd party courier we will be able to provide documentary evidence. If the delivery is not achieved for whatever 3rd party reason we will not be responsible for refund in any form. We will attempt to recover costs and expenses from our 3rd party delivery companies but cannot guarantee any delivery or refund in these instances.

We will not be liable for any loss or expenses sustained arising from any delay or failure in the delivery of the Goods. We recommend you take out your own insurance to protect your goods.

Brexit and Deliveries Outside the UK – Extra Charges, Taxes, Duties or Fees
Due to the departure of the UK from the European Union, all deliveries from the UK to Europe, and from the UK to anywhere outside the UK maybe subject to extra charges, taxes, duties or fees. We reserve the right to charge you for these extra taxes, duties or fees. We may apply an extra charge to your order to cover some of these costs. If these costs are less then your additional charge you will be refunded the difference. If the taxes, duties or fees are higher than any extra charge we apply you will be responsible for payment of the difference. You accept these extra charges and ordering with a delivery address outside the UK.

On all deliveries into Europe and outside the UK we will not be responsible for any delays that occur. We will despatch the items with care and attention with an appropriate delivery service but any delays will not be our responsibility.

Failed or Delayed Delivery & Partial Deliveries
Where we send your order using a 3rd party courier company we will usually be able to provide documentary evidence. If the delivery is not achieved for whatever 3rd party reason, we will take no responsibility for loss or damage or delay to your order and will not offer a refund. We will attempt to recover costs and expenses from the 3rd party delivery companies but cannot guarantee any delivery or refund. At time of receipt, you must check the packaging immediately. By accepting delivery you are confirming the packaging and delivery is in perfect order.

Partial Deliveries & Errors on the part of our 3rd Party Suppliers
We order blank products from leading brands and then customise them for our customers needs. Sometimes the leading brands and distributors send faulty products or do not send us the correct amounts or sizes which is completely out of our control This may mean production and delivery may be delayed or an order may be only partially deliverable. You accept this supply chain situation may arise and accept that it is beyond our control.

Print/Embroidery Only Delivery Deadlines & Cancellation Policy

When you are supplying items for customisation any deadline is a target deadline and we cannot offer a guarantee to meet it. We will always do our best to meet deadlines and complete orders to our best ability but in the case of print/embroidery only orders you understand that this is not guaranteed and we also reserve the right to cancel an order on or after receipt of the goods.

Returns / Refunds / Reprints of supplied and decorated items
In the event of finding a fault or issue with the product or printing, simply inform us of the problem within 48 hours of delivery by email, telephone or by filling out our contact form and we will advise you of the correct way of returning the order.

Depending on the issue with the order, we may request for you to ship the order back to us using a trackable service so as to avoid any further issues or we may send a courier to collect.

Please also supply photos where possible of any issues relating to the product or the print so a better idea of the initial problem will be more apparent.

Please note that refunds will only be considered and discussed after we have been given every opportunity to rectify any issues with the order. Please note our Returns/Refunds/Reprint policy only extends up to a maximum of 30 days from delivery of the goods. Any complaints outside of 30 days will not be accepted.

Sample products
Please note that all samples printed or un-printed are non-refundable, by accepting our terms and conditions, you understand, agree and accept with no rights of refund.